Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some more Cape Cod

These photos were taken in Dennisport, on the bay side of Cape Cod. I'm not sure of the beach's name, I think it's Sea Street Beach ... whatever it is, we can walk to it from the cottage we stay at, which is right over the line in Brewster. One thing I love about this, and other Cape beaches is the tide coming in and out ... when it's low tide, the water line can recede upwards of a mile from where it's at during high tide! The ripples it leaves behind are amazing, as well as various large rocks and things that otherwise disappear at high tide.

Both images were shot with my Canon PowerShot A75 in September 2005. Top photo was f4.8 @ 1/60th, 16.2mm, bottom photo was f2.8 @1/400, 5.4mm.

Best of all, I'll be back there in three weeks. Woo-hoo!!!

And this photo below was from Skaket Beach, in neighboring Orleans. A favorite of my wife's family, it's a wonderful beach for families, and is a great place to check out the sunset. f8 @ 1/200, 16.2mm, also shot in September 2005. You know, for a little point-and-shoot, the damn thing takes pretty good pictures!!

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cape cod cynic said...

Dennisport is NOT on the Bay side of the Cape. It's on the South side of the Cape.