Friday, August 29, 2008

Why I haven't posted lately

There's that thrill that comes when you're out with your camera, exploring a rural area, and you stumble across an old building, obviously abandoned for decades, dilapidated, looking like it's only held up by the very paint that's flaking off like dandruff. Buildings like these make excellent photo subjects, and also great backdrops:

Sigh. If only that were true. No, truth be told, this building with the leprosy-like paint scheme is MY GARAGE. Built in 1959 (not sure why it was built 50 years after the house was built), I don't think it's been painted in the last 20 years or so. Because it looked like hell. I was embarrassed to even have people see it!

So along with working on the porch (which has now been completely stripped down to bare wood, through 7 layers of paint and is being prepped for painting), we also worked on the garage. We scraped. We sanded. Rotted wood pieces were removed and replaced. A new gutter was installed (and eco-friendly person that I am, it's downspout leads right into my rain barrel), and finally, it was primed and painted. We just finished up painting the door, which while it only had one coat of paint on it, still had its original coat of varnish under that paint, so I had to remove all that, as well.

So the downside is that it's taken me all summer, wiping out most of my nights and nearly all of my weekends. But now it's done ... next up is the porch. And next summer, I should hopefully only have a few outdoor projects, and perhaps even might get some time to play with my camera!!!

Though tomorrow, we leave on vacation ... seven lovely days in Cape Cod, the most photogenic place I've ever been ... so I'll probably have a few photos on return. Probably not the 600-odd ones I had last year ... now the challenge is finding new things to photograph while I'm there!