Monday, May 05, 2008

More Industrial Stuff

A few more pics ... I will confess that these were originally shot in color, but I've turned 'em b/w in Photoshop. I dunno, I guess spending all that time looking at David Plowden, the FSA photographers, and years of digging through old archival photos has made me favor b/w ... color's nice, especially for landscapes, but in industrial settings, it's kind of pointless, because there's really not much color in the industrial world. Factories tend to be black and white, or shades of gray. Some machinery may be painted blue or green, but it's a pretty monochromatic world.

I wish they would be a bit sharper, but that's probably due more to my vision than the camera ... though my goal one day is to get an old-fashioned large format camera (or I guess a medium-format camera will do), learn how to use it, and then REALLY take some sharp photos!

Factory Floor

Before Cubicals

Ear Protection Required

Extra Dies

Numbered Bins

Shelf 13E

Safety Cage


Trapped in Paradise, Ca said...

Love the numbered bins! Totally agree they should be in B/W - so fitting to the factory, Cleveland, et al!

Keep practicing!

pressure vessels said...

great photographs. the black and white pictures really inspires me to to do photography. i admire your blog.