Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Drunken Bee???

I was walking by my wife's flower garden the other day when I spotted this big bee in one of her flowers. I ran to get my camera, hoping that the bee wouldn't fly away, but when I got back, I found out it wasn't going anywhere in a hurry. For some reason, it was completely moving in slow motion. Covered almost entirely in pollen, the little guy was acting like he was stone drunk! So it didn't take much effort to get a good closeup of him, as he staggered around the flower like a college freshman with a fake ID.

Of course, I don't know squat about bees ... I'm not an insect fan, I'm just a former historian-turned-amateurish photographer. But that's what it looked like to me!

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Phantom Midge said...

Your bee looks....unwell. I'm not so sure it was drunk so much as dying a slow death. Think Swan Lake.

Although, maybe she ('cause you know it's female as the males don't leave except to mate and don't gather food)did get into some adulterated food...whoa, what was IN that nectar?!