Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pardon this interruption ...

okay, I've finally sorted out all the Cape Cod pics, now I need to start posting some of them. Which I was working on, but this past weekend I had to put all that away temporarily, because it was my niece's first birthday in Chicago. This of course, is a Command Performance, so we headed out to the Windy City, which is always a joy to visit. A bit hot and humid on friday, and too hazy to suit me for photos, but the party itself was on saturday, and everything went wonderfully. My niece (and goddaughter) is absolutely wonderful, with a VERY mischevious look in her eye constantly. She's going to be trouble!

So, no artsy pics from the weekend, other than this ironic shot I took when wandering the lakefront parks in Chicago on friday. I didn't do too many artsy shots on the weekend, just some city shots on Friday, which I may post if they come out okay. But this weekend was all about taking snapshots of family, and making sure I got just the right shots of my niece and nephew!

But when I was out walking around on friday ... I spotted this scene. I decided after looking at it, that it worked better in black and white than in color ...

Next up will be some Cape Cod pics, I promise. Not too many, just some good ones.

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