Tuesday, September 25, 2007


While on our trip to Cape Cod a few weeks ago, we took a day trip across Nantucket Sound to the island of Nantucket ... which was pretty neat. Pretty damn expensive, too ... houses on average sell for $2 million apiece there. There is some SERIOUS cash playing on Nantucket, but yet the place still keeps a small-town feel. That is, if your small town has a Polo Ralph Lauren shop, and restaurants where the entrees start at $60.

But the island manages to conserve a great deal of land, and even new houses have to follow a strict architectural code, so there are few if any McMansion Monstrosities, but rather many houses with strong New England touches. I love the faded cedar shingles used as siding on so many of the houses ... the elements age the cedar to a gray, and when people plant flowers around the houses, or use flowerboxes, the color just jumps out.

We had a great day out there ... the ocean was as smooth as glass, so the ferry ride over was flawless and uneventful. We wandered around Nantucket Town (usually referred to as just "town"), and then caught a cab over to Siasconsset, which is usually referred to as "'Sconset". There we found a great little collection of New England cottages, all terribly cute and intimate, and undoubtedly quite pricey (cute has a price on Nantucket). We caught the bus back, and continued our wandering until it was time to take the late afternoon ferry back. My memory of us leaving is a grandmother, who trudged to Brant Point (the lighthouse in the above pictures), to wave at her grandchildren on the ferry, waving goodbye at them from the wonderful island ... and at that moment I decided I wanted a grandmother who lived on a magical island like Nantucket, because that was really cool.

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Phantom Midge said...

Looks like you had great weather!

I want to be able to take macro photos like Bev here:

I'm hoping for a Christmas or birthday gift from Greg...;-)